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Proven experience that accelerates ideas to market faster and more successfully.

Callegenix LLC is a technology creation company. Our technologies span a diverse range including: hardware, software, firmware, microprocessor, wireless, consumer and industry specific electronics, networking, and animatronics. Contact us to see if we can help you bring your product ideas to life.

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Mark Callegari
My philosophy is to under-promise and over-deliver to insure customer satisfaction.
Mark Callegari CEO, Inventor & Serial Entrepreneur

Products and technologies we've created

  • Professional Engineering Services - Product development, from concept to finished product
  • Certification experience - UL, FCC, CE approvals
  • Embedded system hardware and software design and implementation
  • Ethernet-based control systems
  • Controller technology for LED lighting systems including advanced scalability and music synchronization
  • RF, GPS, and Data Radio technologies
  • Animatronics, robotics, motor and pneumatic controller technologies
  • Software/Firmware engineering expertise
  • PC, tablet and mobile device application development
  • Microprocessor/Embedded systems firmware design and development
  • DMX, Advanced DMX, Art-Net, E1.31 and RDM lighting protocol expertise
  • Business Software applications and development tools including spreadsheets, charting, and other essential business functions
  • Lighting Show Design Applications
  • Industry Specific Compilers and Interpreters