Animated Lighting, Inc.

Animated Lighting

2002 – 2005

Founded in 2002, Animated Lighting specializes in unique computerized lighting displays for commercial properties and residences.

The company’s primary business centers on a family of plug-and-play lighting controllers for the commercial and municipal market. Many times, the results of these efforts are seen during the holidays with elaborate displays that encompass entire buildings, parks, or even city blocks.

Animated Lighting also serves the residential market using control technology that was originally derived from Callegenix technologies. These controllers feature standard connectors that accept standard lighting strands and other illuminated objects commonly found at big box retailers. Customers arrange lighting on their properties, plug them into a network of controllers, and provide an eye-pleasing lighting display complete with synchronized music typically without programming.

The company also sells a unique line of “Just Add Power” products which features a holiday object (tree, star, candy cane, etc.) or character (Santa, jack-o-lantern, reindeer, snowman, etc.) with strategically placed LED lighting strands. Using an pre-programmed controller (a Callegenix technology), customers simply need to plug the product in to get a moving figure in their display that is synchronized to music such that a reindeer appears to be singing a holiday tune and other similar effects.

Animated Lighting was sold in 2005 to private individuals who are focused on the holiday lighting marketplace. The company still licenses Callegenix technology and products to deliver its solutions today.