LightWild L.C.


2005 – 2013: (Purchased by Flextronics)

LightWild was a manufacturer of LED products for Architectural and Commercial lighting projects. The company delivered a line of fixtures such as linears, in-grade tiles, and direct view pixel products. The company used Callegenix technologies to build complementary control systems that enabled lighting designers, architects, and other lighting professionals to specify turn-key lighting solutions for arenas, hotels, offices, retail stores, restaurants, and other commercial properties.

The company also provided a complete project services team that worked with lighting specifiers and designers to create custom lighting solutions that often were the focal point of the project. Some examples include the façade of the O2 World Arena in Berlin, the color-changing matrices on the green screens at Anaheim (Calif) GardenWalk, and a modular color-controllable façade at H&R Block World Headquarters in Kansas City.

LightWild also created and delivered LED products for the industrial space with its Lusio branded high and low bay fixtures. These products were used in manufacturing spaces, warehouses, public transportation terminals, gymnasiums, and other facilities to improve lighting quality and reduce lighting costs through lower energy consumption. Tens of thousands of Lusio fixtures are in place worldwide with the highlight installation being 4,750 fixtures that are in use at the Qatar National Exhibition Centre in Doha, Qatar.

LightWild was sold to Flextronics International in 2012 and has been integrated into the company as Flextronics Lighting Solutions.