Visual Components, Inc.

Visual Components

1993 – 1996: (Purchased by Sybase)

Mark Callegari co-founded Visual Components Inc. in 1993.

The company developed tools for software developers that were part of the “rapid application development” movement of the early 1990s. In this development process, developers could use Visual Components products to quickly add charting, spreadsheet functionality, spell checking, database connectivity, and UI components to their applications in a fraction of the time it would take to build it themselves and with dozens of features the developers might not ever create on their own.

The company successfully grew its distribution channels and partnerships with the major software vendors at the time including PowerSoft and Microsoft. The company was also innovative in the development tools space with clever subscriptions and bundling discounts that rewarded developers with lower prices for buying the entire suite of products versus one at a time.

After a successful run of about four years, Visual Components sold to Sybase Inc. in 1996 for $28 million.